Sunday, August 8, 2010

As most of you know, my brother and I had a wonderful friend named David who passed away this last Christmas. When we went to our family cabin up at Dinkey Creek in July, I was rock-hopping when I came across this fallen log that someone had carved the interlocking words of 'Faith' and 'David'. My mouth dropped open and I was speechless, automatically grabbing the camera. It was the only thing carved into this particular log (usually there are hundreds of messages and names people write). I don't know who wrote it, when, or what David they were referring to, but it was a special moment and reminder that our David, whom we got to spend the whole day with before he went back into the hospital, is with us still and forever will be. God is faithful, no matter what, and we can't wait to see David again. It's like it was written there just for him. <3

From one of my first blog entries in January, when this all was happening:
"David taught me what it means to have faith. That faith takes effort, and strength, but most of all, surrender. Sacrifice. His life and his story reminded me how I should be living, and that truly truly, we are not guaranteed anything, especially tomorrow."

We love you David Allen Kennedy!

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  1. Lysser! This touched my heart this morning when I read it. Despite the fact I didn't know David like you and Jeremy did, I think about him all the time too and am grateful for the time I got to spend with him also. Your post is just too great; thank you for reminding me of him.