Friday, July 23, 2010


This is only a post before the real post. The real post will update you on my life. But this post will merely serve to tell you what is currently on my mind.

I miss having coffee. Even though I drink a cup of it just about every morning, I miss it. No, I'm not an addict. I simply miss having coffee with friends. At school, I can't remember how many countless coffee runs, coffee room dates, and coffee brewing sessions we all shared. Drinking coffee together is like sitting at the dinner table together; it offers a sense of community and familiarity and comfort. And at this moment, I miss it terribly. I'll wake up tomorrow and have my daily cup, but drinking it alone and without conversation takes half the enjoyment out of it for me, I can't lie.

The best coffee moment I've had this summer is when Gennean came to visit. We were alone at our friend's house, who lives in a beautiful town called Grass Valley. In the morning we went in her backyard, which is a wide-open meadow, and we sat there and drank our coffee while simultaneously engaging in wonderful conversation. Maybe it's the caffeine that causes us to get so chatty...but either way, I remember it so clearly, and I felt so refreshed and rejuvenated afterward. (Ps Gennean, I miss you.)

Beside my love coming home in, yes, dare I say, 11 days, (oh my gosh 11 days?!) I cannot WAIT to get back to coffee dates at Jessup.

(I hope mentioning that he comes home soon doesn't interrupt my whole 'post before the real post' thought process.)

p.s. Rachel, I pretty much can't wait to show you how I can drink a full cup of black coffee now. :)

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  1. Oh girl, have I told you lately how much I love you? I totally agree: that morning was one of the best memories I have from this summer. Thanks for being so encouraging, and yet challenging me at the same time. You are a truly lovely friend, and I cannot wait for our coffee dates to start up again so, so soon :]