Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Here are some sneak previews to the gorgeous bedding my mom and I got today for my room. Have I mentioned we are re-doing it? I'm not sure why, considering I don't exactly live at home anymore, but my mom said something along the lines of, "That room. Is Disgusting." (Emphasis on the capital 'D'.) Alas, it is a summer project for the whole family. Dad has ripped out the carpet in preparation for wood flooring, mom painted the walls, and I...well I helped pick out the lovely details like fabrics and patterns and colors. Equally important job. Of course. Apparently my brother Jeremy will be coming home next week to also partake in the remodel. Fun for all, and it speeds up the process! I'll make sure to put up the complete before and after pictures when it is all finished.

Tomorrow I am picking up my best friend from school, Michelle. It has been way too long since we have talked or laughed together, and a couple days with her is going to do wonders for my heart! I cannot wait.

I also had a lovely chat with Jesus last night. He reminded me that trusting in Him is the best decision I will ever make. And then He had me write down some goals and aspirations. He told me to put make a list of what my passions are and what gifts He's given me. But He also made sure to have me make note of what I need to continue to not only work on, but be challenged in and strive for. It's easy to feel like 'life' is on hold when you are stuck at a desk all day. This has been my home all summer.
And here's an up close shot of my best friend.
All of this being said, God reminded me I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing this summer; because He is working on the most vital aspect of His plan, the part that must be healthy if I'm going to allow Him to use me: my heart. "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


This makes me want to sleep, stretch, curl up in a mess of down blankets and stay there forever. Artist profile here. These all really caught my eye. She does series of work that simply have to do with the act of sleeping. I love the simplicity and rawness of each painting. The subject matter is so familiar that it brings the viewer straight to a place of comfort. I also enjoy the consistent use of neutral tones. Love love her work. There is such beauty in simplicity.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I haven't blogged in so long! Deepest apologies. I think I got in a blogging funk. Because I felt I didn't really have anything to blog about. But! I am here and back with a vengeance. (In a good way, of course.)

Things around here have been pretty flawless. I got to spend a lovely four days with one of my good friends from school, and together we went to a beautiful wedding for a couple from our school as well. Considering it's summertime and I hardly leave the house, (lounging and relaxing at home are two activities I have become very good at) it was nice to actually get out and get ready. You know, like actually taking a shower and putting on make-up and doing my hair. During the week I simply have no reason to take the time of getting ready since my days (right now) only consist of doing online pre-calculus. Unfortunately and fortunately, pre-calculus is unavailable for the day, so while I can enjoy a day of friends and swimming, it also means I am unable to stay on the strict schedule I have devised in order to finish the class before our family vacation in two weeks. The midterm I took yesterday helped boost my confidence though, so I feel prepared to tackle these last three chapters and then never look back....ever. (I'm a Music and English major; let's not waste any more time on functions and graphs please.)

I may feel a little bad for what I am about to write, simply because it has already been written about so much, but my goodness. I never knew I could miss a person as much as I miss my dear dear love. It's almost been seven weeks, meaning there is five left. To my dismay I realized I miscounted the number of weeks he is gone, so it went from 11 to 12. Sigh. He is busy busy busy, and even three of those still don't quite do it justice. Never again am I going to take for the granted the pleasure of merely being able to ask him how his day was. It's a weird feeling not to know much about the one person who is constantly on your mind.
On a lighter note, I have a free day! Dinner tonight will be black bean burgers made on the grill, and I can try and refrain from taking a picture of them, but we'll have to see if I'm strong enough to resist. (Or just too starving that I would rather devour the food rather than have it model for me.)
Happy summer days!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

for you.

Love is beautiful because of the process it involves. I am so grateful that my heart has been awakened to something so sacred and mysterious and breathtaking.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Blessings are plentiful
Sunshine erases all threats of dull.
Love blooms
creates room
in daily tasks of old.
The Sole-Provider is providing
heart is being stretched.
Summer nights resume with flavor
some of the best yet.
Sole part absent,
a radiant soul miles away.
Yet I love him, I love him
increasingly each day.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Happy June! I always feel like summer truly begins when it's June. It has been a busy week full of sunshine (and consequently sunburns), family, and my favorite, pre-calculus. Nathan's graduation was long and hot, but it was worth it to see his shining face afterward. Being in the middle of my brothers made me feel right at home as their little sister again, and I love nothing more than that feeling. As we've all grown up, each of us has changed in someway, and our personalities and common blood and genetics all just fit very nicely together now ;). This weekend will be the big graduation party at Lodi Lake for him and his girlfriend, who graduated as well.        
 My mother decided to catch some version of the flu this last week, so I have unofficially taken over. Mostly in the kitchen. Tonight I made this [literally] mouth-watering Greek pasta salad with a creamy vinaigrette, and with the surplus of berries we have been getting, I made a cobbler for dessert. It was my first time baking one, and  it was a lot simpler than I thought. All of this baking and cooking makes me want to live in the apartments on campus even more, but no, I will have to wait one more year. At least the love will have one though...I can mooch off his kitchen facilities and then he can get the grub in return. Sounds like a fair trade to me.