Saturday, August 28, 2010

So, by the way, here's the finished room! Living in it the last month of summer= bliss. Leaving it to return to a college twin bed= heartbreak. On the bright side though, I'll be going home for Labor Day weekend, meaning that bed of love will again be mine. At least for two days. I really can't wait.

There is a bit of a new [amazing] era at Jessup. Tonight all the on-campus students participated in beginning swing dancing! People dressed up, and I had the privilege of being the permanent male-partner to my dear friend Hannah. (5'11" is not the most desirable female-swing-dancer height it turns out). THEN, this coffee-roasting company came and served us free espresso/chocolate drinks, and they might have been the most delicious coffee drinks I have yet to consume. (I also had a delicious iced vanilla latte earlier this afternoon, yum). THEN, a group of us lovely music majors/random people/people who like to freestyle/rap, all combined our voices/talents/abilities/instruments to create a pretty awesome jam session. I may or may not sound like a hipster music kid right now, which in actuality I am not-- but it was real, and it was fun, and it was real fun.

This year has started out pretty....unexpectedly? I feel as though I've been living in this last week for a year. But I'm excited for what's to come, like really excited.

Jesus is working stuff out, friends are so plentiful, and new memories are already being created. Mm.

p.s. I went the whole day okay with the fact that I didn't wash my hair last night, and it's greasy, and it's gross, and it's time to shower, but I feel great.



  1. I have never been so proud of you as I was yesterday when I saw your more than day-old asian bun....

    You've officially made it on my cool list. And if it's any consolation, If I was a male, I would have let you be the woman in the dance-line. But I'm not.

  2. Alyssa!!!! The room is absolutely beautiful!!! I love you.