Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh Jesus, my Jesus
Your love defines strength
and comfort and renewal.
But Jesus Your love also hurts sometimes
for You love us so much
but we just don't fully see it.
We won't ever fully see it.
That's where trust comes in,
that word that is synonymous with
God I know You hear me,
for I feel You with me,
I see You in everything,
You are my portion
which is more than enough.
Today Lord I asked You,
"Don't you feel my hurt too, don't you know?"
Then silence washed over me
as I looked into Your eyes,
which were filling with tears,
because it is me, oh God it is me
who has done the same to You.
I have broken Your heart, and not once or twice
but too many times to count
and I am sorry, so sorry, that You
feel the pain of heartbreak from all Your children
daily, and all I can say is that my God,
I love you. 
My ear will not be deafened to Your voice God,
not in this heartache and not in the joys to come.
Oh God, so I see, it is You, it has always been You,
You are the holder of unconditional Love,
the Maker of it all.
You are holding me still,
and not letting go.
It is You Lord, it is You,
rid me of myself.

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