Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Late night, late post, late late. (Why do words always look and sound weird after they are repeated a certain number of times?)
School is busy—but surprisingly, I am handling it just fine. I have an English paper draft due tomorrow, and I am researching Kate Chopin, one of the most revolutionary female writers to date. It always saddens me when people who create unconventional works for their time do not get any recognition until well after their deaths. But I suppose that's why they're considered classics now! My schedule is set for next year, along with an online summer course, and again, it's busy, but I am really looking forward to the challenge. I've realized this is such a prime time in my life, and there are so many beautiful opportunities waiting for me each day to grow and become more of the person I am striving to be. When I think about school that way too, it excites me to an inexplicable degree. I am at such a wonderful school with professors who truly know how to teach, and if I'm not taking every advantage of that, then what am I doing? Learning is so appealing, so engaging. Why not accept the challenge?
There is exactly one month until school is over, and 3 and a half weeks until the love heads overseas. Summer will be another lovely chance for growth, and I am already looking forward to it. (And I'll get to blog way more!) With that, here's to the last month of my first year of college...boy how the time flies.

edit: Here are the wonderful texts who have been my closest companions these last few days. Kate was a beaut.

p.s...No visual-aid tonight...I'll have to save that for when I have more time to explore on my hands... when your eye begins twitching with great fervor, it's probably a sign that it is time for sleep. Sweet dreams.

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