Friday, January 29, 2010

Is that sun I see?

Oh dear, there is sun today. It is faint, and it is barely peeking through the big, fluffy clouds, but still- it is there, and it is lovely. I have missed the sun quite a bit. More than I realized until now. The second school started again, there has been rain, rain, and more rain. I don't believe I've ever seen so much rain! Subconsciously, I think it has been tampering with my moods as well. All of a sudden I would feel down or lonely for no particular reason, and I wouldn't be able to shake it off for anyone. It was so frustrating! I would get irked simply because I couldn't figure out the reason I felt irked to begin with, and it was just this cycle of madness! (Isn't irked a fun word?) Today though, today is good. It is a Friday, the sun is here, and I am shining right with it. Jeremi told me this week that every person needs a Sabbath day; a day of rest. He asked me if I had rested at all in the last two weeks. I realized I hadn't. I liked having the knowledge that maybe there was another reason for my not-so-stable mood swings- I just needed a day to relax! He is kind of good at helping me come to my senses.  So here I am, blogging, writing my thoughts out, sipping some Tazo tea, and enjoying the bits of sun that come through the window. I hope to be back again soon, because it feels so good when I get the chance to just sit and write.

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