Thursday, March 24, 2011

So much to do, so little time.

This week has been, hands down, the craziest of the semester. Between prepping for our second ear-training midterm tomorrow, having piano lessons every afternoon after classes for over an hour, getting support letters organized for Portland, enduring crazy weather, anticipating the start of life-guarding training on Saturday, having dangerously low estrogen levels...(at this point, it's just the facts, sorry for information overload) I feel I might explode.

To top it off, I feel a dry cough beginning within me and I cannot get sick. Especially not now.

I understand now why this week is usually spring break week. Suddenly everything just hits at the same time, but expectation levels remain just as high, as if all the energy in the world was still fueling me. Piano and music might be taking over my life. I have never spent so much time in another facet of my schooling as I have there. I love it, but goodness.. it's a hard thing to be involved in when time is so scare.

Life-guarding training has me so excited, but knowing that it will be from Monday through Friday, 4:30-8:30, and Saturday/Sunday 8:30-5 for two weeks, I am just anxiously awaiting the realization that I will have infinitely LESS time that I do this week...and that is overwhelming.

If you think of me, pray for me!! These next three weeks aren't slowing down, only speeding up. Even when training ends, it's the last week before break, meaning major preparation for the Night Of Classics, (our biggest music production of the year, which I'm performing piano at) and then early the next morning (first day of break) I head to Portland, OR for a 5-day mission trip. Break will be short.

Then summer...?!

Time is about to FLY.

Lord be with us all!! :)

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