Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday mornings (afternoons?) like today make me happy.

slept in
worked out
didn't shower (probably should now)
ate the staple meal of wheat toast, almond butter, sliced banana, and a mug of coffee (or three)
nail-painting fiesta with the girls in the wing
still enjoying being with all of them
etc etc etc

Oo, and Fridays like yesterday make me happy too. (after classes, that is)

took an purposeful nap, which accidentally lasted 3 hours
woke up and went to my lovely friend Rachel's apartment
there we enjoyed a homemade vegan meal prepared by her, which included:

artichoke leaves & hummus
a kamut pasta dish with potatoes, black beans, squash, and tomatoes (a tex-mex feel; mm, zesty)
a fruit and hemp-oat cobbler with espresso roast coffee

our good friend Oliver showed up halfway through the meal
we all chatted and laughed and ate
then I continued to hang out with Oliver, and enjoyed a night with his apartment-mates
and at midnight we made homemade waffles with jam
(college is really all about the fourth-meal)

I just love people and food and school.

Thank you Lord for so many wonderful blessings.

fun fact of the week:
I ran out of gas for the first time, right as I coming back to Jessup. My dad will probably scoff at me. But not until my mom to stalks me and reads this, and then tells him, and then tells me.


  1. fun fact: running out of gas with you was the highlight of my week. Is that pathetic?