Wednesday, January 5, 2011

California, oh California, I am so sad to be acquainted with you again after spending 4 unbelievable days in Seattle. Let's be frank; you just can't compete with that clean, crisp air, the hustle and bustle of the city, and the ability to view all things beautiful in a mere 360° head turn—water, mountain, city, and country. Yes, Seattle is all that and more. I like you still, (since I have to, since I live here) but don't be alarmed or hurt if I leave you in the future. Love, me.

The flight was a piece of cake too, so I guess I can almost qualify myself as a world-class traveler, and I suppose this means I will be able to get back on a plane going somewhere more than 2 hours away. Good news all around, folks.

Okay but truthfully! Seattle was an absolute experience. (I sense a theme for 2011...) I fell in love. Seattle is the cleaner, nicer, classier, better version of San Francisco. I still love SF, but Seattle is just so much more beautiful. The air quality alone could win me over. It is so...breathable. New Year's Eve was the perfect time to go, too. The environment was unreal. There was enough people to feel this incredible surge of anxious, excited energy, but not so many that it was overwhelming and became undesirable (which is how I often feel in places like downtown Sac on a busy night or driving in SF). That day we walked everywhere, seeing Pike's Place Market, sipping some coffee from the Original Starbucks, (unfortunately it tastes the same) visiting the infamous 'gum wall,' and then heading to the Space Needle at night for the fireworks show! That was incredible. Beforehand we had time to kill, so inside at the Seattle Center there were tons and tons of people staying out of the cold, dancing to the live band's music, and simply enjoying the wait for the countdown! I love dancing and live bands that play hokey rock music and MJ.

The next couple days were spent in Seattle as well, where we went to the Experience Music Project Museum, which had a feature on Jimi Hendrix (much to the boys' amusement and uncontrollable joy). We went to this great swing-dancing place the second night, which was insanely fun and only cost $5, and then the next day Matt's parents took us around to sight-see! It was the absolute perfect trip, with great friends, so many laughs, and many new memories. All of my favorite things.

And now (in conjunction with some conversations I've been having about my future this last month) I am getting excited about looking into writing as a career option—possibly writing for a magazine, such as Seattle Magazine or wherever. They offer internships and I am definitely thinking about applying. To be in a city, writing, observing, interviewing, learning, eating...(food writer, anyone?) sounds right up my alley and is really quite realistic! Better start blogging more to practice ;)

Happy New Year everyone!!! Hope your breaks are treating you well.

ps I apologize for all the slightly blurry and not-too-fancy photos! They all hail from my phone's camera.

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  1. this sounds amazing!! i still can't wait to hear all about it in person though!