Thursday, January 27, 2011

I have been craving this for too long! When I decided to take a break from Facebook, subconsciously there was the thought that it would hopefully open up more time to blog...wrong. It actually means that I'm at my computer even less. There is plenty to share, though!

Being back at school is, no surprise here, wonderful. Yesterday I ended up dropping one of my English electives for a different English elective, and it happens to be online, so I now have a very doable, breathable, and yes, enjoyable schedule. Anything would have been better than the craziness of last semester. It's encouraging; I'm still a double-major, still at 18 units, but there is now lunch in my daily diet and at least one break a day. Who would've thought?

I'm also really starting to pursue this tangible dream of writing as a career. Yesterday afternoon, my adviser and perma-professor Sherry (I have had her every semester since being at Jessup) talked for over 2 hours in her office while sipping Whole Foods tea. That is what I love about this school. We chatted about anything and everything, and the wheels in my brain started turning at a very high speed. There is SO much out there that I can work to achieve through writing. As a start, I think I am going to be unofficially apart of the school's newspaper, where I will implement the Food/Art/Music section. I already have a plethora of ideas to share, and that in itself excites me, because in high school when I was actively involved in Journalism, my heart wasn't fully in it, and I didn't invest in what I was reporting on. Now, though, with my booming passions for [organic, healthy, pure] food, nutrition, the community, art, and writing...there is an endless amount of topics to write and share.

Already, check out this awesome, local movement.
Look at this addition of another, already well-loved coffee shop in Sacramento.
And check out this insanely healthy product to add into your diet.

Green Literature is a class that has only fueled all of this within me. We eat treats that Sherry brings from Whole Foods (such as organic dark chocolate) while discussing beautiful literature and watching enlightening videos. I cannot wait to continue to learn and really start investing in everything that is bubbling within me!

Happy Thursday, loves.

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