Monday, May 23, 2011

There is so much I want to do with this blog right now. I am in a crazy reflective mood and have an insatiable desire to write, but then I also feel like I am rambling uncontrollably so writing would be counterproductive and confusing, so then I also want to wait to even post an entry because I want it to be fancy and well-thought-out with beautiful pictures (of food) so needless to say here I am anyway, ready to fill you in on life. Perfect. (I did warn you, didn't I?) 
Summer has arrived, and how different it will be than the previous! I am living in an apartment up the street from school with 5 other lovely girls, I will be guarding the lives of swimming kiddies and adults and preteens alike for City of Roseville, and most importantly, there will be plenty of time for reading, cooking, and relaxing in this no school period of life. Remember that one time I took pre-calculus over summer? To say that I am happy I have zero academic obligations for the next 3 months is an understatement. A time of detox will be so nice and so necessary in order to prepare for my 19-unit semester in the fall (double-majors everywhere unite)!

Thus, during this period of half-relaxation, half-productivity (in the form of getting tan, saving lives, and making some green) there must be a list. You know the kind...

the list (for now):
  • do not get sunburned even once. my allotted amount of skin-crispiness and total-fryage happened during training in April... never. again.
  • read way more than I did last summer. off to a good start with The Wayward Bus by Steinbeck. 
  • attend yoga at least twice a week; be able to hold crow for a whole minute
  • spend a night outside and not care if the dew is soaking my pillow come morning
  • clean out the uncontrollable mass of matter that is my wardrobe
  • discover a new coffee shop and stay there all day (splitting time between reading and people-watching, obviously)
  • buy the new fleet foxes and bon iver albums...actually buy them...hard copy form, aka a CD
  • research food-critic jobs, magazine writing, health articles, etc like crazy
  • walk to save gas and for enjoyment as much as possible
  • blog, blog, blog
  • most important: discover Jesus more intimately and wholly than ever before. this summer is the absolute perfect time to lay before Him all I need to surrender and to practice quietness in His presence (note: this can only be done with a fresh cup of coffee, a journal, a pen, and plenty of sunshine). 
and just some items to be looking forward to:
  • brother and Caitlin's wedding in 35 days (and bridal parties and bridesmaid luncheons and rehearsal dinners and the works beforehand)
  • my first paycheck; it's a BD
  • cooking a full, delicious dinner in the apartment, complete with dessert
Be back tomorrow! Goodnight all :)


  1. ACK! I love it! I absolutely can't wait to hear all about your summer as it hits you :)