Sunday, October 24, 2010

So, remember this adorable top that I blogged about in July? Well, this last week I received an unexpected package in the mail from my beautiful Aunt Jeanine, who I had the pleasure of seeing a couple weeks ago when I was home, and in this package was THIS shirt plus a very sweet handwritten letter! I believe in one of my very early blog posts I said that I think a letter is one of the most special gifts a person can receive, especially ones that are unanticipated. It made my entire week! It is not often that little packages of love (nor any mail, for that matter) arrive in my mailbox, so this was quite exciting. (And it happened to arrive on the day I had both a Physics test and a history midterm. Talk about perfect timing.)

Currently I am sitting in my wing, enjoying freshly baked pumpkin seeds, and getting ready for yet another week. (Ooo! A week that is also my birthday week!) It has been pouring all weekend. Which has been beautiful. This rainy weekend equaled:

tomato soup
cookie baking
first eggnog purchase of the season
listening to records and dancing
running to wal-mart in the Hustler with friends to buy a pumpkin (that is yet to be painted)
seeing my best fran and getting to catch up over apple crisp and hot cocoa at BJs
going to Amy's house for a girl's night (blueberry pancakes and hot apple cider for dinner!)
wearing my beautiful Rodarte raincoat for the first time
Metro this morning (have I gone into detail yet about how much of a blessing that has been? I love my church)
and oodles more of lovey things

I've entered into such a beautiful season of life. There really is a time for everything, and even though sometimes that season at first seems foggy...boy, when the fog lifts to reveal the glorious sunshine and clear skies, it has the power to knock you over. Jesus is so real, He is so real that it never ceases to make me smile. Going to Metro these last couple months has been more than I could have ever hoped for. Jesus continues to meet with me every single time I walk through those doors, and just in this last month I've really been able to get plugged in. It is an answer to prayer all the way from summer. I've made some beautiful new friends, been on a few adventures, and shared too many laughs to count. It is simply wonderful. Aah! I can't express this joy.

I hope everyone has an uplifting week in the Lord---May we participate with Him in removing our grave clothes, entrusting our hearts within the endless quarters of His own, and understanding that His love for us is too great to even grasp. What hope, what promises.

Happy rain-tea-reading-cozy-pumpkin-OCTOBER-fall weather!

PS. I am now learning three piano pieces. That is three times more than last semester. Twitter moment: #ireallyloveplayingpianosomuch



  1. Fresh baked pumpkin seeds are the best. Just like you :)

  2. Can I just tell you how beautiful you are? Your words are breathtaking. I couldn't stop smiling as you described the way you encountered the Lover of our souls. This post makes me want to stand in awe & silence before my Lord. Thank you. You are beautiful.

  3. ohhhh. this is just such an encouragement to me. your joy is catching, i hope :)