Friday, September 17, 2010

Well, I'm randomly home again! My beautiful friend Hanner, (Hannah) who now also goes to Jessup, was coming down to Lodi for the weekend, and since most (basically all) students from school are at our fall retreat... I thought I'd take advantage of the opportunity and come spend some more quality time with those good 'ol parents of mine! It was a great choice.

Since being back, I've already:
had a delicious dinner (that's reason enough to come home)
gone on a super great walk with my mom (another perfect reason)
practiced piano for a substantial amount of time (man, that too)
ate a midnight snack of sliced avacado, swiss cheese, crackers, and an apple (does this count under the dinner reason? let's generalize it to real food)
watched the Gossip Girl premiere (not a good enough reason, but it was nice watching it on my large couch)

So obviously, coming home is the best, no matter what. I never really came home much last year, and I definitely didn't think I'd already have been back two times in one month this year, but I really can't complain. The comfort in having a place of familiarity and rest to go home to for a weekend is always appealing. I really love being at school as well though, so my decision of whether or not I was actually going to come did take some extra thought. (The above reasons pretty much sealed the deal though. That plus I had a free ride plus the campus is pretty barren currently, sad).

Anyway. Here is what the actual post is about. See that super cute flower painting up there? Artist profile here, and I found it via this, which is aka awesomeandsofun. Etsy never ceases to amaze me. Go play, please. It will maybe make you smile, and who doesn't want to smile?

Happy weekend!