Friday, May 21, 2010


I spent a wonderful week touring the Bay Area with my University's Choir. We went to San Jose, San Francisco, Brentwood, and Los Gatos. It consisted of singing, bus rides, exploring, host-homes, lots of free food, plenty of coffee, and a little shopping too. I was able to meet some really wise people and was encouraged daily throughout the week. I was reminded of my immense love for music, and am getting excited about the options I have open to me for the future.
The love has been gone for almost two weeks, and to say I miss him terribly would be an understatement. I will get to skype him tonight for the first time since he left, and I am a ball of nerves just waiting. I cannot wait. I am so proud of him and am beyond thankful for his precious life and the extreme impact it has on everyone he meets. He is something special. How did I get so lucky?
Summer is in bloom, even though the weather has been suggesting otherwise. Time to work on that tan, maybe attend some graduation parties (including my oldest brother Nathan's! college graduate whoo!) and then get ready to tackle some online math.
Hope everyone is doing beautifully. 

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